Growing Demand for Workforce Management is Creating a Potential $11.09 Billion Opportunity (1) For Severely Undervalued Golden Star Enterprises Ltd.


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News Release | November 10, 2021

Enigmai Ltd, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd., Signs a Letter of Intent to Pilot Its WorkForce Management System in Hospitals

A business is only as successful as its employees.
That holds true for any company in any industry, of any size. If you work with a talented pool of hard-working employees, like I do, that’s great. However, even the best of the best need direction, management, and even encouragement.

After all, good management is paramount to a company – and employee success.

Unfortunately, some companies are still running into the same old challenges.

According to Softworks, that includes: (2)

Time & Attendance Tracking

Paper-based attendance and time tracking can create dishonesty and inaccuracies from employees.

Scheduling Issues

Within any company, several different shift patterns require employees to be scheduled for different parts of the day. Staff levels can also be dependent on projected demand during busy or quiet periods. Paper-based rostering is becoming increasingly inefficient in the modern workplace.

Holiday Tracking

Is just as essential. If too many employees need to take vacation time simultaneously, it can be damaging to company success.

Absence Tracking

Unplanned absences can put a strain on a company.​

We could go on.
But that’s where a company like Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT) and its Workforce Management company, Enigmai, may be able to help.

Just Who is Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT)?

Golden Star Enterprises is a publicly-traded holding and acquisition company. Its entire goal is to help take explosive technology startups to the next level, such as Workforce Management company, Enigmai — an Israeli tech company specializing in the Workforce Management space.

While that may not sound exciting on the surface, consider this.

According to Grand View Research, the Workforce Management market could be worth nearly $11.09 billion by 2025. (1)  Additionally, a Workforce Management (WFM) system is critical to any organization that manages employees’ shifts. Its importance in this era is arguably even more essential since many people work remotely, with employees distributed between various locations, including their home office. (3)

This is especially true for high-performing companies.

In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), companies with solid workforce management “will be able to conduct gap analysis on the work unit, business unit, and on the organization as a whole. At the work unit level, managers will be better at planning and responding to changes in the business. Managers will also be able to make data-driven decisions that move gradually from blanket HR policies to targeted HR interventions based on the importance of a role or the performance of the individual.” (4)

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Here’s Precisely How Golden Star Enterprises’ Enigmai
Can Provide Unique Help

Better workforce management can lead to higher rates of success.

With Enigmai, a company can potentially: (5)


Predict the number of employees you’ll need based on defined SLA (service-level agreements) and past information. Consider holidays and campaigns, day of the month, and day of the week.

Help with Scheduling

Fill the roster with a click of a button. Engage your employees by letting them choose their preferences, ask for days off, and exchange shifts

Manage Shift Breaks

Define your shift break rules and let your employees choose their shift breaks and exchange them. Shift breaks can be managed in real-time.

Track Status

A company can clearly see who is absent, late, or is not doing what they should be doing in real-time.

Generate Reports

Choose from more than two dozen reports to see how you did and what should be fixed.

Rely on Web-Based Information

The entire system works from any browser, so you don’t have to install anything.

All Information is Real-Time

Information in the system updates for everyone, automatically, in real-time, so you can be sure that you receive the right decisions.

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On Top of It All? Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT) Could Be Technically Oversold

After breaking from consolidation around 20 cents on May 24, 2021, shares of Gold Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT) popped and ran roughly 855% to a July 13, 2021 high of about $1.91.  (6)

All after the company announced the extension of a service contract between Enigmai and cornerstone customer Clal Insurance for a term of three years commencing January 1, 2021. While the stock has since pulled back to about 43 cents (as of 11/3/21), it could climb again with similar Enigmai developments.

Moving forward, several other significant potential catalysts could fuel even more growth.

Enigmai Plans to Upgrade its WFM Software, Including its Mobile Interface

Enigmai plans to upgrade its Enigmai Business Suite (EBS) workforce management (WFM) software, including a mobile interface. (Source 7)

“After talking to many companies with different needs in the WFM world, we understood that there is a growing need for a mobile app as a valuable add-on to our existing upgrade plans. We have listened to current and future clients and will be developing this mobile app immediately upon completion of the client upgrades already in progress,”

Eital Muskal, VP of Strategy and Business Development.

Enigmai Signed an Agreement with the City of Tel-Aviv, Israel

Enigmai recently signed an agreement with Tel-Aviv, Israel, for the city to test the Enigmai Business Suite (EBS) software in a pilot program.  (8)

The agreement terms include the provision of Enigmai’s EBS software for a two-month pilot program with Tel Aviv. During this time, the city’s call center team will test the innovative Workforce Management product.

Enigmai Just Signed an Agreement with AuroraView

Enigmai, signed an agreement with AuroraView, a US-based, customer-oriented software development, and consulting company. (9)

The service agreement with AuroraView includes the provision of various services to Enigmai including, Implementation Services, Software Development, Business Analysis, System Architecture & Design, Database Services, Cloud Services, Quality Assurance, Automation, Project Management, Help Desk, Maintenance, among other IT consulting services.

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Enigmai Is Looking Into the Benefits of Implementing Workforce Management in Hospitals

Even more impressive, Enigmai is investigating the benefits of implementing its Enigmai Business Suite (EBS) workforce management system (WFM) in hospitals. (10)

“Hospital schedules are complex. You must have the right staff in every shift in order to operate the hospital in an efficient manner and also provide and maintain a high level of service. Mr. Tim Cadeau, one of our new additions to our recently formed Advisory Board, has been managing some of Canada’s largest hospital unions for the last 10 years. Mr. Cadeau’s experience in this sector suggests that approximately 90% of the conflicts between hospitals and the unions in Ontario are driven by scheduling issues,”

Golden Star CEO Eliav Kling

“Our research suggests that issues arise when a hospital is in need of additional staffing to meet its needs, but the scheduling team in charge of the fulfilment of the workforce support, is unaware of the terms of the various contract requirements between the hospital and the unions.”

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT) –
Strong Leadership, Strong Results

Louis Shefsky


Louis is an entrepreneur and business executive with over 35 years of experience in the public markets. His years of experience and expertise help him connect tech startups with the right investors to better leverage an investor relationship.

Eital Muskal

VP Strategy & Business Development

For the past two decades, Mrs. Muskal navigated her career as a lawyer and a senior business strategy specialist while assuming increased responsibilities and higher-level roles through different industries. She holds an L.L.B degree and was the founder of a boutique law firm specializing in immigration and relocation processes. She developed complex business models to support Israeli companies in their expansion to North America.

Eliav Kling


Eliav is an entrepreneur, business developer, and real estate investor with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. His years of experience and expertise in the corporate IT world sharpened his analytical skills, crisis management, and remote team management.

To summarize

Again, a business is only as successful as its employees.

If you work with a talented pool of hard-working employees, like I do, that’s great. However, even the best of the best need direction, management, and even encouragement.

After all, good management is paramount to a company – and employee success.

Unfortunately, some companies are still running into the same old workforce management challenges. Fortunately, that’s where a company like Gold Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC:GSPT) and its Workforce Management company, Enigmai may be able to be groundbreaking.

With such a game-changing platform seeing more and more demand, Gold Star Enterprises and its subsidiary, Enigmai, could significantly disrupt a potential $11.09 billion market by the time 2025 rolls around. (1)

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